ASA Action Partnership

The ASA Action Partnership (ASAAP) was started in 2011 to create a new level of communication, commitment and partnership between stakeholders for building a stronger, more secure soybean industry, now and in the future. ASA, state affiliates, state and national soybean checkoff organizations, and related industry members are aligned as strategic partners through ASAAP in pursuing and protecting the interests of U.S. soybean growers and their ability to farm profitably.

Significant opportunities and challenges alike exist for stakeholders along the value chain. Issues can be complex, and in many cases, there exists well-funded opposition to support negative agendas impacting the role of modern production agriculture and the freedom to operate for soybean growers.

ASAAP collaborators include state and national checkoff organizations, soybean processors and exporters, technology providers, seed companies, crop protection companies, ag equipment and transportation companies, among others.

ASAAP’s role is to:
  • Identify and address the challenges and issues facing our industry
  • Develop an action strategy and allocate necessary resources to achieve the strategic objectives and goals

As a member of the ASAAP, organizations may have up to two individuals participate in meetings throughout the year. The Partnership includes the ASA Executive Committee and other ASAAP member organization leaders.



Illinois Soybean Association

Indiana Soybean Alliance

Kansas Soybean Commission

Kentucky Soybean Board

Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Board

New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association

North Carolina Soybean Producers Association

North Dakota Soybean Council

Ohio Soybean Council

South Carolina Soybean Board

Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board





Bayer Crop Science







United Soybean Board

U.S. Soybean Export Council